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Oklahoma State University

UAS Policy

Policy Statement:

The use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) (aka, unmanned aerial vehicles and “drones”) can make significant contributions to the University Academic mission including research, education, service, and outreach in a variety of academic units across campus. Additionally, aerial photography and research with UAS can potentially assist in various aspects of the University Service mission including land management, athletics, law enforcement, and other support functions.  This policy addresses the requirements for safe and legal operation of UAS at Oklahoma State University.

This policy applies to:

1.     Oklahoma State University (OSU) employees, staff and students operating UAS in any location as part of their University employment or as part of University activities;

2.     The operation by any person of UAS or model aircraft on or above OSU property, and;

3.     The purchase of UAS with funding through OSU, including university accounts, grants, or OSU Foundation accounts.


Any person wishing to operate a UAS must first notify the UAS Safety Officer and obtain the appropriate regulatory approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The UAS Safety Officer will review and either approve or deny all requests on a case-by-case basis as needed. Any University employee, staff, student, or unit purchasing a UAS (or the parts to assemble a UAS) with university funds or funds being disbursed through a university account, including grant or foundation funds, is encouraged to contact the UAS Safety Officer prior to purchase in order to assess the University’s ability to obtain a necessary FAA authorization, provide input on operational aspects, and to determine if other systems can be leveraged to support the effort.

Rules for OSU UAS operations are:

1.     UAS operations must comply with all current FAA requirements and regulations, as well local, state and federal laws, and university policies;

2.     Operators must have successfully completed a university or other approved UAS safety course;

3.     Operators must notify the UAS Safety Officer prior to operation;

4.     No recreation/hobbyist remote control aircraft flight is permitted on University property unless at a site specifically approved for that purpose or otherwise approved by the UAS Safety Officer;

5.     UAS may not be flown on or above OSU property without permission of the UAS Safety Officer on the respective campus. Students operating UAS on or above University property or as part of a university sanctioned activity must be supervised at all times by properly trained faculty or staff;

6.     Indoor operation of UAS or other remote control aircraft is not permitted in University buildings unless used under the auspices of an academic program, club, team, or individual with authorization from the facility manager;

7.     Violations of this procedure may result in disciplinary actions. Legal prohibitions regarding physical presence on campus/trespassing and other legal action may also be pursued against third parties that operate UAS on or over University property in violation of this policy. Fines or damages incurred by individuals or units not in compliance with this policy will not be paid by Oklahoma State University and will be the responsibility of those persons involved. Accidents or unsafe operations should be reported immediately to OSU Campus Police: (405) 744-6523.

Approval For approval, visit

OSU UAS Safety Officer Marc Hartman,

OSU UAS Online Safety Course (Under Review)

Stillwater Regional Airport (SWO) Airport Communications
Control Tower Phone: 405-533-3758
Hours of Operation: 8 am – 8 pm
Lat/Long: N 36:09.7, W 97:05.2, 1001 ft (36.1613889, -97.0858889)
CTAF: 125.35
UNICOM: 122.95
WX ASOS: 135.725 (405-743-8150)
STILLWATER GROUND: 121.6 [0800-2000]
STILLWATER TOWER: 125.35 [0800-2000]
WX AWOS-3 at CUH (20 nm SE): 118.25