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Oklahoma State University

OSU Acquires Penguin-B

OSU has partnered with the UAV Factory and acquired a Penguin-B UAV. The vehicle will be used as part of OSU’s UAS program for both research and coursework in their graduate UAS curriculum. The modular composite structure, quick assembly, large access hatches, and removable payload bay makes the vehicle ideal for testing payloads for the variety of missions that OSU students may run. The platform will also provide an excellent learning tool to teach students about aerodynamic design. The Penguin-B holds a 54 hour world endurance record. The students will be able to evaluate the design and analyze the performance of the system and compare with predicted values from analytical calculations and numerical simulations. The vehicle will also be used as part of OSU’s UAV fleet in the NASA UAS Airspace Operations Challenge. OSU is currently in the process of acquiring a COA for flight at the OSU Unmanned Aircraft Flight Station.