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Oklahoma State University


Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) are quickly becoming a tool of choice for operations across the globe by both U.S. forces and enemies alike. The increasingly rapid advancement of commercially available and near-term technology provides both allies and foes with a capability to use the skies once the domain of the U.S. alone. USRI works with civilian government and DoD agencies to help develop and evaluate technology to provide situational awareness through enhanced tactical reconnaissance necessary for U.S. troops. USRU is a leader in the field of Counter-UAS focusing on the use of UAS by extremists and terrorists organizations by countering rising improvised threat and examining ways to detect and defeat small and tactical UAS. While counter systems are under development, no single method has demonstrated unilateral effectiveness and USRI is aiding government agencies at the federal, state and local level by developing C-UAS tactics and strategies for handling the new and growing threat.