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Oklahoma State University

Unmanned Aircraft Campus Use Form

Unmanned Aircraft Use Request Form
Please answer all of the following questions and submit form. This will be sent to the OSU UAS Safety Officer. A response will be provided as soon as possible. Starred items are required.
Date Request Made
Flight date - request must be made 72 hours prior to event.
Location of flight operation - provide address as well as description of location.
What is the flight for? Research, PR, class project, STEM, etc.
Must be a licensed FAA Pilot with Part 107 or higher. If no licensed pilot is available, please check no and USRI will provide a pilot for you.
FAA License Number
Aircraft must be registered with the FAA for all operations other than hobby use. Visit if you need to register this aircraft.
What is the total weight of the platform in pounds (including payload and fuel)?
Type and length of flight, takeoff and landing procedure, flight path, navigation controlled by operator and ground control station, etc.
Maximum altitude (AGL) in feet.
Note: most of the OSU Stillwater main campus is in Class D airspace, thus requiring airport notification.
If photos and/or videos will be taken of any persons, participants or otherwise, proper approval will need to be obtained by each person.
Policy available at