A flying spherical UAS with integrated ground mobility maneuvering capability that provides the first responder with immediate in-theatre tactical intelligence and information. 

• The spherical exoskeleton protects the internal avionics and components and allows the vehicle to land and roll freely while transitioning to the ground mode operation. UFRO can safely execute proximity observation without potential harm to itself or victims in hazardous operating environments. 
• UFRO  requires no coordinated landing and can maneuver then self-upright on the ground before returning to flight. 


• Swappable Payload Section
• Real-Time Visible and IR Video
• Ultrasonic Sensors for Proximity Detection
• Self-Correcting and Stabilizing Autopilot
• Two Way Communication Device
• Onboard Lights To See and Be Seen
• Optional LiDAR for Room Mapping


• Can be controlled by a dedicated transmitter or a mobile smartphone or tablet 
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UFRO Appears at AUVSI
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Unmanned Flying and Rolling Orb
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